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Stuck In The '50s

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'50s History for December 20th

In 1951 the Arco, Idaho nuclear reactor generates electricity for the first time. In 1952 84 servicemen are killed when the plane taking them on Christmas leave crashes in the state of Washington. In 1956 black citizens of Montgomery, Alabama call off their 381 day boycott after being allowed to sit wher they please on city buses. And in 1957 Elvis Presley receives his notice to appear for induction into the U.S. Army.

Born on this date - industrialist Harvey Firestone (1868), baseball executive Branch Rickey (1881), actress Irene [Marie] Dunne (1898), educator/columnist Max Lerner (1902), singer Dennis Morgan (1908), actress Audrey Totter (1918), film director George Roy Hill (1921), comedian/actor Charlie Callas (1927), actor John Hillerman (1932) and webcaster Vinyl Bytes (1937).
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