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Stuck In The '50s

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'50s History for March 3rd

In 1952 the U.S. Supreme Court upholds New York's Feinberg law, which banned Communist teachers in public schools. In 1953 Claire Booth Luce becomes the first woman to represent the U.S. in a major diplomatic post as ambassador to Italy. In 1955 Elvis Presley makes his first television appearance on Louisiana Hayride. And in 1959 comedian Lou Costello, partner of Bud Abbott, dies at age 52.

Born on this date - sleeping car inventor George Pullman (1831), telephone inventor/teacher of the deaf Alexander Graham Bell (1847), U.S. General Matthew Ridgway (1895), actress Jean Harlow (1911), actor James "Scottie" Doohan (1920), golf champion Julius Boros (1920), actress Diana Barrymore (1921), Princess Lee [Bouvier] Radziwill (1933) and actress Gia Scala (1934).
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