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'50s History for October 20th

In 1952 Mau Mau tribesmen rise up against colonial rule in Kenya and the British governor declares a state of emergency. In 1956 Esperanza Station, Antarctica records a record high temperature of 58 degrees (F). In 1958 a Birmingham, Alabama bus boycott is organized by Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth. It will take 14 years before a federal court ruling desegregates the buses. And in 1959 the U.S. begins an economic embargo of Cuba which still continues today.

Born on this date - astronomer Sir Christopher Wren (1655), actor Bela Lugosi (1882), novelist Ellery Queen (1905), actress/panelist Arlene Francis (1907), actor/lecturer Will Rogers Jr. (1911), country singer/comedian Grandpa [Louis Marshall] Jones (1913), actor/commercial voice Herschel Bernardi (1923), columnist/author Art Buchwald (1925), baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle (1931), actor Jerry Orbach (1935) and singer Wanda Jackson (1937).
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