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'50s History for July 29th

In 1953 a U.S. RB-50 reconnaissance plane is shot down by two Soviet MiGs. Of the 16 crew members only one survives. In 1956 oceanographer Jacques Cousteau's research vessel Calypso reaches a record depth of over 24 thousand feet. In 1957 Jack Parr begins his five year run as host of The Tonight Show. That same year the U.N. establishes the International Atomic Energy Agency. And in 1958 the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), was authorized by Congress.

Born on this date - author Booth Tarkington (1869), operetta composer Sigmund Romberg (1887), actress Clara [Gordon] Bow (1905), attorney Melvin Belli (1907), comedy singer Homer [Homer and Jethro] Henry D. Haynes (1917), actor Richard Egan (1921), actor Lloyd Bochner (1924), actor Robert Horton (1924), bowling champion Don Carter (1926), actor Robert Fuller (1934) and baseballer Felix Mantilla (1934).
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