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Stuck In The '50s

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'50s History for May 27th

In 1951 Communist China forces Dalai Lama to surrender his Tibetan army to Beijing. In 1952 the European Defense Community is created with Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and West Germany. In 1956 Blacks in Tallahassee, FL begin a 7 month bus boycott. And in 1958 Ernest Green becomes the first black to be graduated from Little Rock's Central High School.

Born on this date - cowboy/scout "Wild Bill" Hickok [James Butler] (1837), author Dashiell Hammett (1894), biologist/author Rachel Louise Carson (1907), 38th vice President Hubert Humphrey (1911), actor Vincent [Leonard] Price (1911), golfer Sam Snead (1912), novellist Herman Wouk (1915), Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (1923) and Miss America/actress Lee Meriwether (1935).
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