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Prince: The Man Behind the Name


Prince: The Man Behind the Name

Prince. The name itself evokes images of a musical legend, an icon, and a true artist. But is Prince his real name or his stage name?

Contrary to popular belief, Prince was not born with the name Prince. His real name was Prince Rogers Nelson. He was given the name Prince by his father, John L. Nelson, who was also a musician. John named his son Prince as a way to honor his own stage name, Prince Rogers.

Prince embraced his given name and made it his own. He once said in an interview, ‘I’ve always been Prince. I didn’t change my name; I just adopted it.’ And that’s exactly what he did.

Throughout his career, Prince became synonymous with his unique stage name. It became a symbol of his artistry, creativity, and individuality. He even went as far as changing his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol in the 1990s as a form of protest against his record label.

But why did Prince choose to go by his stage name instead of his given name? The answer lies in his desire for artistic freedom and self-expression. Prince wanted to create a persona separate from his personal life. He wanted to be known for his music, not just as Prince Rogers Nelson.

Prince’s stage name also allowed him to transcend boundaries and defy categorization. He was not just a singer or a musician; he was a multi-talented artist who pushed the boundaries of music, fashion, and gender norms. His name became a symbol of his versatility and his ability to reinvent himself.

Prince’s decision to go by his stage name had a profound impact on his career. It allowed him to create a larger-than-life persona that captivated audiences around the world. His name became synonymous with his music, and he became one of the most influential and respected artists of his generation.

So, whether you refer to him as Prince or Prince Rogers Nelson, there is no denying the impact he had on the music industry. His name will forever be associated with his incredible talent, his unique style, and his unwavering commitment to his art.